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Ezra Koenigs golden rules for life 

Make me choose: stranger-mcdanger asked Pocahontas or Mulan?

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If you are upset that you don’t get back the kindness that you put out, then you are being kind for the wrong reasons

Unhappy with the present and not so excited about my immediate future either.
The only way to fall asleep amidst these ringing, noisy thoughts is to doze off while daydreaming about the could haves and the maybes

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❝Imperfections are attractive when their owners are happy with them.❞
— Augusten Burroughs, This Is How: Surviving What You Think You Can’t  (via humanseoul)

❝So you have chosen aloneness. You have chosen the security and the relative freedom of solitude, because there is no risk involved. You can stay up every night and watch your TV shows and eat ice cream out of the box and scroll through your Tumblr and never let your brain sit still, not even for a moment. You can fill your days up with books and coffees and trips to the store where you forget what you wanted the second you walk in the automatic sliding door. You can do so many little, pointless things throughout the day that all you can think of is how badly you want to sleep, how heavy your whole body is, how much your feet hurt. You can wear yourself out again and again on the pavement, and you do, and it feels good.
No one will ever bridge that gap and point to your stomach or your hair or your eyes in the mirror and magically make you see the wonderful things about getting to be next to you. And maybe that’s it, after all, this fear that no one will ever truly feel about you the way you want to be felt about. Maybe what you want is someone to make you love yourself, to put sense into all that positive rhetoric, to make it so the aloneness of TV and blasting music in your ears at all times isn’t the most happy place you can think of. Maybe you want someone who makes you so sure of how wonderful things are that you cannot help but to tell them your feelings first, even at the risk of being humiliated. Because you will know that, when you’re telling them you love them, what you’re really saying is “I love who I become when I am with you.❞
— Chelsea Fagan, For When You Think That No One Will Love You  (via larmoyante)

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i wish more people said that being single is normal

and you’re not going to meet and marry someone

and that’s fine

and if marriage happens, it happens. and it’s not the next big ticket to check off in life’s checklist

because not everyone meets someone they want to marry. and that’s normal

you’re not broken or unfulfilled if you are single


Paul Cummins | Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red

The Tower Of London has marked the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of the First World War with a striking art installation. Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red by Paul Cummins features thousands of ceramic poppies pouring out of the tower flowing into the moat and will officially be unveiled on August 5. The final poppy will be planted on November 11. There will be a total of 888,246 poppies planted, with each flower representing a British military fatality from WWI.

Source - Paul Cummins - Purchase a Poppy


Byron Barrettrush hour, 2009


Byron Barrett
rush hour, 2009

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Go So Hyeon for Lookast Dec 2013 - Jan 2014 collection


Go So Hyeon for Lookast Dec 2013 - Jan 2014 collection

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